Display Rentals are $85/day 

Includes: Art Cards/Images,  up to 25 letters, Installation & Pick Up

$2 for each additional letter

$40   for an additional day

Choose Full Set or Flash Set

Full Set (individual letters with black, black glitter or Large Silver numbers)

  • #HBD NAME (age), images/art cards

  • HAPPY (age) BDAY NAME, images/art cards

  • HAPPY (age) BDAY, images/art cards

  • HAPPY (age) BIRTHDAY NAME, images/art cards 

  • CUSTOM PHRASE (up to 25 letters), images/art cards


Art Card/Images:

  • Superheroes

  • Unicorns & Rainbows

  • Building Blocks

  • Sports

  • Tropical/Beach

  • School Days

  • Healthcare

  • Cars/Motorcycles

  • Train/Plane/Tractor

  • Construction Vehicles

  • Rescue Vehicles/Pets

  • Dinosaurs

  • Mermaids

  • Dolls

  • Among Us

  • Outer Space

  • Social Media

  • Emojis

  • Graduate

  • Teen Driver

  • Sweet 16 (girl)

  • Gamer

  • Electronics

  • Fishing

  • Hunting

  • BBQ/Grilling

  • Exercise/Gym

  • Makeup/Beauty

  • Adult Drinks

  • Food & Drinks

  • Princesses

  • Girly Glitters

  • Big Bow Jojo Inspired

  • Flowers

  • Animals

  • Baby

  • Engagement/Wedding

  • New Home/Realtor

  • Awareness Ribbons

  • Military

  • Schools/Sports Teams

  • Christian/Religious

Flash Set (see more images below)

Pick a Flash image, (age with black, black glitter, or large silver numbers), NAME or Initials, images/art cards *Great for smaller yards*


 Letter Colors:
Name/Custom Phrase Colors:
Aqua Blue, Bright Pink, Black, Black Sparkle, 
Red, White/Star Pattern (Limited), Gold Sparkle,
Silver Glitter, Pink Sparkle, Medium Blue Sparkle 
Flat Colors (Happy Birthday only):
Yellow, Green, Purple, Red, 
Black, Navy, Pink, Aqua Blue
Sparkle Colors (Happy Birthday only):
Black, Gold, Silver, Rainbow,
Rose Gold, Pink, Navy, Teal, Red, 
Kelly Green, Purple, Baby Pink, Medium Blue
Patterned Letters (Happy Birthday only):
Superheroes Theme, Leopard Print, 
Red & Black Mouse, Neon Splatter on Black,
White/Star Pattern, PinkPurpleBlue Unicorn Swirl


Large Silver Numbers

30 inches

Creates a focal point on age/milestone

(substitute for standard size black/black glitter numbers if desired) 


Flash Images

45 inches across! Use these instead of Happy Birthday/Anniversary/Congrats letters for Flash Set   displays